Nusrat Mayin Gemisi

Nusrat mine ship was produced in 1911 in Germany and it was bought by Ottoman government in 1914 and in 1915, in Canakkale, by changing the history became one of the basic units of Turkish Republic.

This ship is not an ordinary ship. As Atatürk said: ‘ın history,this country was Turkish, today is also Turkish and it will be Turkish forever.’ Nusrat is a hero that reminds these sentences and makes CANAKKALE UNSURPASSEBLE.

After the navy, in 1955 ,Nusrat was used as a loader and went too many ports, it carried freight and beared too much problems. In 1989,while going from Mersin to Cyprus,it sanked in Mersin Port. It stayed 10 years under water and in 1999, it brought from underwater by some volunteers. When it was waiting to be razor blade; it was brought by municipality of Tarsus and made restorations and became a museum. Of course, while it was bruising there, we could not sleep.

Municipality of Tarsus owned Nusrat because of the motto ‘’ the georgraphy of the cnations who do not know their history is drawned by other citizens.’’

We should thank to our God too much,because He gave this duty to us. Now hero Nusrat ,you can sleep properly in your place Canakkle Park ,this is your place. Your destiny is changed. Tarsus and people in Tarsus owned you. But who knows? May be there was a reason that calls you to Tarsus?’

We wish that this service will be useful to Turkish nation,this country,all of the people and to Tarsus. And we wish that your life story will be lesson learned through.

18th March 2003

Burhanettin Kocamaz
Mayor of Tarsus

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